Welcome to Our Chapter

“to open the world of communication for people with hearing loss through education, information, support and advocacy”

Chapter Meeting Location

Hearing Loss Association of America Eastern CT Chapter (“HLAA-ECC”) is a place where people with hearing loss can meet other people with hearing loss.  HLAA-ECC is a place where people with hearing loss can learn and gain an understanding of hearing loss and how to better cope with hearing loss.  HLAA-ECC is all about information and support for people with hearing loss.  Meetings are open to all, with or without hearing loss, to learn, understand, gain support and provide support.  Bring your family, your friends, and join us.

Meetings are scheduled for the third Saturday of the month, September through June.  Meetings begin at 10 AM.  Meetings are held in the second-floor conference room of the Phillips Communication Sciences Building, 850 Bolton Road, UConn, Storrs, CT.  Directions are available on the “Chapter Meetings” page

HLAA-ECC is fortunate to meet on the campus of the University of Connecticut and to have the support of the UConn Department of Speech Language and Hearing.  The faculty of Audiology Program and the UConn Audiology Students and the Student Academy of Audiology frequently attend our meetings and provide an interesting insight into the world of hearing loss.  Student and faculty presentations among the best presentations, on a wide variety of topics.  Students have provided presentations on assistive listening devices, rehab programs, tinnitus, brain imaging, and dual sensory impairment, among others.

We do have a strong educational agenda. In addition to members of the UConn faculty and the UConn students as presenters, our meetings include a presentation by a professional in a field related to hearing loss. We do emphasize aural rehabilitation and the use of assistive devices as part of our educational program.  Presenters in the past have included Geoff Plant of Hearing Rehab Foundation, Juliette Sterkens, national looping advocate for Hearing Loss Association of America, Richard Einhorn, Trustee of Hearing Loss Association of America, and Pat Dobbs of Hearing Revolution, just to mention a few.

We encourage discussions at our meetings so that we can learn from one another and share our experiences.  Discussions range from basic things like telecoils to more complex issues of brain imaging and beyond.

Our members are active participants in the community of people with hearing loss.  We are represented on the planning committee for the Walk4Hearing. We are also represented on the CT Council of Organizations Serving the Deaf and on the Public Advisory Committee for the Relay CT telephone system.

We welcome you to become involved in our Chapter as a member and attend our monthly meetings (September through June). We also have several volunteer positions that would tremendously benefit the Chapter if you are inclined to help raise the level of education and awareness relating to hearing loss. The group meets on the third Saturday of every month, September through June, at 10 am, in the second-floor conference room of the Phillips Communication Sciences Building, 850 Bolton Road, UCONN, Storrs.

Our email address is hlaaeasternctchapter@cox.net. If you prefer you can contact the Chapter moderator, Randy Kirsch, at (860) 659-8082. If you have any questions about the Chapter, the meetings, directions or anything else, please do not hesitate to contact us. We hope to see you at one of our upcoming events.

HLAA-ECC is an affiliate of Hearing Loss Association of America located in Bethesda, MD. HLAA-ECC is a tax-exempt, charitable organization that is entitled to receive tax deductible donations under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.