Chapter Meetings


Meetings are held on the third Saturday of every month, September through June, beginning at 10:00 AM in the SECOND FLOOR CONFERENCE ROOM of the Phillips Communication Sciences Building, on the Storrs campus of the University of Connecticut, 850 Bolton Road, Storrs, CT (see directions below).

We extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to our guest speakers. So that we don’t delay any of the presentations, please keep in mind that meetings start promptly at 10:00am and will end at approximately noon. Coffee and snacks are generally served during the meeting.

Meeting cancellations due to weather conditions will be posted on, or you may call the station at 1-800-662-6505.  You may also contact Randy at (860) 659-8082 if you believe the meeting will be cancelled.

Assistive Devices at Our Meetings

UCONNAudGradstudents Thanks to the UConn Audiology Program, Department of Speech, Language and Hearing, we have audiology doctorate students who volunteer to caption what the speaker is saying. There is a large screen so those with pronounced hearing loss should be able to READ and hopefully, follow what is being said.

We also use an inductive loop system. Our loop system transmits a signal (the speakers voice) directly through a wire that “loops” the room and the signal goes directly into the T-Coil in your hearing aid or cochlear implant (check with your AuD/HIS whether your hearing aid or cochlear implant is so configured). The sound coming through your aid or implant from the Loop is clear and precise.


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If you are traveling north on route 195 (from Windham area), Bolton Rd is the first street on the campus, just north of E. O. Smith School (left hand turn).

If you are traveling south on route 195 (from I-84 or Rte. 44), it is the last street on the campus just before you pass E. O. Smith School (right hand turn).

There is a traffic light at the intersection of Route 195 and Bolton Road. After you turn onto Bolton Road, turn right at the second parking area entrance (about 0.33 miles after turning onto Bolton Road) and follow the circle around to the second left hand turn off the circle until you see the sign for the Phillips Communication Sciences Building. It will be at the far back opposite side of the circle.

The Phillips Communication Sciences Building sits back from the parking area on top of a small hill. The Phillips Communication Sciences Building houses the Speech and Hearing Clinic.