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Join our Chapter now! Information, education, support and advocacy is what we provide. Is that what you need to help you with your hearing loss?

We provide monthly meetings that are designed to keep you up-to-date with all the current news and information about hearing loss.  We have special guest speakers, and we have discussions among ourselves so that we can share our ideas and problems with our hearing loss.  Everyone has a different prospective on hearing loss and we think you should hear all of the positions and thoughts about hearing loss so that you can decide which is best for you.  One size does not fit all when it comes to hearing loss, but it certainly is a tremendous help to be able to share different ideas, information and support and educate each other on things we have tried that worked or that didn’t work so that you have the big picture in focus about your hearing loss.  That is what we provide.

Join our Chapter now.  Don’t miss another meeting, don’t miss another guest speaker and don’t miss another discussion among ourselves about hearing loss and how we each have overcome the stigma and trauma that comes with it.  We will be behind you — you can always call or email any of the officers or other members to get the help you need.  Join our chapter — Don’t wait another day to deal with what is probably the biggest problem in your life.

Join National Hearing Loss Association of America

The Benefits are Enormous. Make hearing loss an issue of national concern.

There are so many benefits to joining national Hearing Loss Association of America. There are discounts available on cell phones, cell phone calling plans and on hearing aids. You will receive the bi-monthly magazine, Hearing Loss Magazine, that is full of interesting stories of people overcoming their hearing loss as well as news of other local chapters and the latest efforts in Washington, D.C., to advocate for the rights of people with hearing problems. There are discounts available to attend the Annual HLAA Convention. The list of benefits is rather long. You can see the entire list of benefits at

You can explore the entire world of Hearing Loss Association of America at You can view a preview of Hearing Loss Magazine, you can learn about the upcoming annual convention in Portland, Oregon, you can learn about the fund-raising campaign, Walk4Hearing. There are special training classes relating to hearing loss technology and relating to techniques to help support other people with hearing loss.

There are news feeds that are issued by HLAA delivered right to your email in box. There is also an e-News publication to keep you updated. Don’t hesitate, don’t miss out on so much, join national Hearing Loss Association of America today.

A link to the membership application follows. Please turn in your membership registration to an officer of HLAA Eastern CT Chapter and we will process your application for you. The national membership application is at and click on the highlighted reference to the membership form in the middle of the page.

The annual dues payable to national Hearing Loss Association of America are as follows:

  • Individuals – $35/year
  • Families/Couples – $45/year
  • Professional – $60/year
  • Library / Nonprofit – $50/year
  • Student – $20/year
  • Corporate – $300/year

A discount is available to any individual who pays his / her dues for more than one year at a time. Members of Hearing Loss Association of America living outside of the US will be charged high rates due to increased postage costs.